Iryna Morozova, Senior Underwriter, Head of Aviation, BUSIN Insurance company,  took part in the Annual General Meeting of the International Union of Aerospace Insurers (IUAI) in Lisbon, Portugal from 22.05.2023 to 24.05.2023. 

 The AMG IUAI 2023 was attended by more than 180 delegates from the leading (re)insurance companies in aviation and space globally. The annual event included the usual combination of professional presentations and discussion panels organized by the Union study groups. 

Iryna Morozova, as a member of the IUAI General Aviation Study Groupgave a presentation on the general aviation business in Ukraine providing an update on the local market and analyzing how the war is affecting the general aviation in Ukraine. (Re)insurance coverage of aviation risks is one of the key factors in reopening the airspace over Ukraine. Therefore, cooperation between governmental institutions, international unions and leading aviation insurers on the international insurance market is important for the future of the aviation industry in Ukraine.