BUSIN celebrates the 30th Anniversary of its successful business operation on 17th of February 2023. Our company has become a strong financial entity and has taken a leading position among the best insurance companies of Ukraine during these three decades. Our impeccable reputation, financial stability and high professionalism are well-known in Ukraine as well as abroad.

Despite the global financial crises, the COVID pandemic and the russian invasion, we accept challenges with dignity, selflessly work for the development of our company and the Ukrainian insurance sector. The company’s current asset base stands at 600 million UAH, with a planned increase in authorised capital to 122 million UAH.

A huge role in BUSIN’s history of success is played by our team, clients and partners who form an integral part of our company, its source of energy and constant development. Our company is grateful to every one of you for years of fruitful cooperation and is confidently moving forward while building ambitious plans for the future. To be continued!