The annual General Meeting of the International Association of Aerospace Insurers (IUAI) was held in Bordeaux (France) in June this year. 77 aviation insurers from 28 countries are members of IUAI. Being the undisputed leader of the Ukrainian aviation insurance market BUSIN Insurance company exclusively represents Ukraine since 2003 in this international Association.

BUSIN’s CEO Morozova Irina and Development Director Alex Nepochatov participated actively in AGM 2019. In particular, Morozova Irina, who at the beginning of the year became the winner and was elected to the IAUI’s General Aviation Study Group, gave a presentation on General Aviation underwriting experience in Ukraine.

Professional presentation of Morozova Irina, PhD was based on more than 26 years of BUSIN’s experience in aviation underwriting and received positive feedback from delegates from different countries.