Annual presentation to summarise the Ukrainian insurance market results for the year 2017 and an annual “National Insurance TOP” awards ceremony took place on 11 April 2018 in the D12 Gallery on the Andriyivskiy Descent.

Amongst the invited participants, were the top-managers of some of the largest insurance firms, brokers, banks, investment companies, leaders of professional insurance organisations, National Financial Regulatory Body and representatives from some of the largest corporate clients.

According to insurance market operational results for the year 2017, Insurance TOP rating experts have awarded BUSIN a leading award in the category of aviation hull insurance and aviation claims payment.

“I would like to thank Insurance TOP for the performance rating and organisation of this event. This year BUSIN is celebrating its first quarter of a century. A quarter of a century of active participation on the Ukrainian insurance market as well as abroad. Every year there are around 200-250 aircraft that are under our insurance coverage. This year I am proud to accept this honorary award to our company as a leader in aviation insurance claims reimbursements, as it demonstrates the fact that we are fulfilling our obligations before our clients. I wish you all success and a fine spring mood!” – Irina Morozova, Executive Director of BUSIN, stated during her award acceptance speech.